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Sunkissed at Bells - Landscape

Sunkissed at Bells - Landscape


Sunkissed at Bells - Landscape

Nestled along the rugged coastline of Victoria, Australia, this iconic surf spot unveils its true magnificence as the first golden rays of dawn gently kiss the horizon.

As the sun timidly peeks over the distant waves, its radiant glow bathes the jagged cliffs and stretches of sandy shoreline in a soft, diffused light. The ocean's rhythm becomes apparent, as steep waves crash onto the beach, producing a symphony of rhythmic melodies.

*Landscape Edition*

Available in multiple sizes, this print is made to order, printed on high quality Semi-Gloss Photographic paper, using Glicee printing techniques to preserve every bit of detail. Perfect up close and at a distance.

Photo is printed featuring a bordered design, perfect for framing without need of a mat.

Features monogram detail of photographer Joseph Frese of Frese Frame Photo.

If desired, please contact upon purchase if you wish your print to exclude the bordered design if you prefer a full page print.

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