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The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle


The Pinnacle

From this vantage point, the vastness of Grampians National Park unfolds in all its glory. The undulating hills and rugged peaks stretch as far as the eye can see, shrouded in a subtle haze that adds an element of depth and intrigue. The interplay between light and shadow, intensified by the absence of colour, creates a striking contrast, accentuating the rugged beauty of the terrain.

As we gaze upon the photograph, our eyes are drawn to the commanding presence of the Pinnacle itself, a towering rock formation that proudly dominates the landscape. Its jagged edges and rugged texture stand as a testament to the forces of erosion and the enduring power of nature.

The photo captures a moment of stillness and solitude. Wispy clouds meander through the sky, their ethereal presence casting fleeting shadows over the landscape. The absence of color allows us to focus on the intricate details; the lines, curves, and textures that define each element. The rocks, weathered and worn, tell tales of time's passage, while the ancient trees stand as silent witnesses to the ever-changing seasons.

Available in multiple sizes, this print is made to order, printed on high quality Semi-Gloss Photographic paper, using Glicee printing techniques to preserve every bit of detail. Perfect up close and at a distance.

Photo is printed featuring a bordered design, perfect for framing without need of a mat.

Features monogram detail of photographer Joseph Frese of Frese Frame Photo.

If desired, please contact upon purchase if you wish your print to exclude the bordered design if you prefer a full page print.

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