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Glacial Waters

Glacial Waters


Glacial Waters

Picture-perfect and surreal, the glacial blue waters of Lake Tekapo instantly captivate your senses. As you gaze upon its pristine surface, you are greeted by a symphony of vibrant hues ranging from turquoise to cerulean. Created by the finely ground rock particles, or "glacial flour," that are suspended in the water, this remarkable colouration is a testament to the lake's glacial origins.

Blending the purest blues and whites onto a canvas, the river that leads into the great Lake showcases the beauty of natural water, creating a masterpiece that both astounds and soothes the soul.

Available in multiple sizes, this print is made to order, printed on high quality Semi-Gloss Photographic paper, using Glicee printing techniques to preserve every bit of detail. Perfect up close and at a distance.

Photo is printed featuring a bordered design, perfect for framing without need of a mat.

Features monogram detail of photographer Joseph Frese of Frese Frame Photo.

If desired, please contact upon purchase if you wish your print to exclude the bordered design if you prefer a full page print.

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