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Custom Preset Packs for use in Adobe Lightroom.



So, they're coming soon, but what are


and why should I be excited?

Imagine if photo editing was just as easy as 'Copy + Paste'
Wait, IT IS???

Presets provide creators and editors the ease of copying a profile of settings, including lighting, colour profiles, color grading and effects, helping to emulate a desired look when editing photography on desktop or mobile.

Post Production
Post Production Station_edited_edited_ed

By installing Preset Packs you will be able to apply preselected settings in order to reproduce amazing looking images ready for printing or social media use.

The best part is, Preset Packs work on Desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom software from Adobe, available for free on the App Store or Google Play.

All you need to do is install your purchased Preset Packs, select which Preset you would like to apply to your image and you're practically finished!

Ever wanted to take your photography to the next level, without the hassle and confusion of learning editing, colour profiling and colour grading?

Then look no further than


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